May 07

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Inmate Garden Project

SAM_0861My goal is to operate our current jail facility within our means without sacrificing the safety and security of our community.

To avoid a tax burden on our citizens, I will not be seeking an increase in the Jail budget, but rather create new programs that will help reduce our expenses

With this in mind, I am announcing the creation of the Inmate Garden Project. We have a newly dedicated land plot that will be used to grow produce for the inmate population. This garden will be planted and maintained using inmate labor. This will add to the current inmate labor projects that include: the animal shelter, inmate litter pick up crews, solid waste dump crews. Inmate crews are also provided to Sweetwater City, Madisonville City, Vonore City, and Tellico City.

In addition inmate labor crews are also utilized for special non-profit events and projects throughout the community. While a large portion of the inmate population are assigned to labor crews, there are inmates who are not suitable for outside facility work. These inmates are assigned to inside facility jobs that include kitchen duties, laundry rooms, and facility cleaning. While these programs will help, we will continue striving to improve.

- Sheriff Bill Bivens

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