Monroe county K9 Unit

Sheriff Tommy Jones in the "bite suit" for a K9 demo

Our K9 unit is staffed with dedicated professionals who train tirelessly to provide the invaluable resources the K9’s bring. 

We currently have K9’s certified in bomb detection, tracking and narcotics detection. 

Our K9’s have regularly helped us locate missing persons, wanted subjects, detect narcotics all of which may otherwise may not have been found. 

Sheriff Jones

Prior to being elected, Sheriff Jones was a k9 deputy

Sgt. Clint Brookshire

In addition to being a patrol supervisor, Sgt. Brookshire is the most experienced k9 handler at the sheriff's office

Lt. Jim Wall

While also being the supervisor of the narcotics division, Lt. wall is also a k9 handler

In Memory Of K9 Sgt. Chris Jenkins

On February 03, 2022 Loudon County K9 Sgt. Chris Jenkins was killed in the line of duty. Sgt. Jenkins was a man that all law enforcement officers should aspire to be: kind, caring, hardworking but always having empathy Sgt. Jenkins will truly be missed. As a friend to many at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office this page is dedicated in his honor.