Monroe County TN Sheriff's Office Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office embraces the Neighborhood Watch program philosophies of keeping citizens involved in keeping their own communities safe by being active and aware.

If you are interested in finding out about what a Neighborhood Watch program can do for your neighborhood, contact our Detective Division at 423-442-3911, who will be happy to assist in starting a localized program or provide support for an existing group.

TellicoLife Tellico Village Neighborhood Watch

National Sheriff's Association USAonWatch

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Monroe County TN Sheriff's Office Drug Interdiction Vehicles

Narcotics and Criminal Interdiction Vehicles

Thanks to drug dealers, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Narcotics and Criminal Interdiction program is now funded 100% by the drug fund, utilizing zero tax dollars. In addition to apprehending drug smugglers traveling through Monroe County by way of the interstate and major highways, the Criminal Interdiction team is also active throughout the county to aid in reducing illegal activity.

Monroe County TN Sheriff's Office Outdated & Unused Prescription Drugs Drop-Off Program